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Under Companies Act 2013 as per provision of Nidhi Rules 2014

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Express Pariwar Nidhi . Ltd  has a rich history, a solid presence and a bright, bright future. The Corporation is parent to businesses based on principles of planning, protection and progress. We follow all the Nidhi rules and we are prowed to be part of place with glorious history i.e Bihar.  We serve the insurance industry, businesses owners, homeowners, builders, investors, the criminal justice system, and the communities in which our companies reside. Discipline, collaboration and a commitment to recognize healthy growth drive our work; five fundamental values inform our culture – performance, collaboration, innovation, social responsibility, and trust. I invite you to get to know us, do business with us, come to work with us and engage with us.  We are proud of our decades of success and want to share our future successes with you. Our promise to our customers is to help people own their tomorrow – be it through recognizing their idea of financial freedom, planning for retirement, helping to improve financial literacy levels or protecting their lifestyle, the people or things that are important to them. Our aim is to put our customers at the heart of everything we do in order to help them realize their goals.

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